Summer ‘Fund-a-Unicorn’ Campaign

Hello friends! I have a few expenses this summer, including tuition for my summer classes and moving into a (nice) new apartment. I wanted to crowdfund these goals, but there are currently no sex worker friendly platforms. So, I thought I would start my own ‘Fund-a-Unicorn’ campaign!

This is created especially for many of my lovely online friends and followers. Maybe you admire from afar because there is distance between us. Maybe you have been thinking about scheduling an appointment, but are still a bit unsure. Or maybe my current rates are simply out of your budget.

I have created a way for you to directly contribute to my life in a meaningful way, at every price point, near or far!

1. Choose your donation method. You can send me money through ,  Gift Rocket, Google Wallet, Pop Money, Vanilla Visa, or pick an item or gift card from my ‘Moving Wish List‘ of the appropriate amount!

2. Choose your prizes! I have prizes that are to be redeemed in person, through the mail, and online. You also can double-down, picking two smaller prizes that add up to the appropriate amount.

3. Send the donation or gift. If it is a wish list item, make sure you DO NOT check the “make it a surprise” button, or I will not be able to verify the purchase until it arrives.

4. Write me at to notify me of your choice. This is especially important for amazon many times the emails get stuck in my spam folder.

5. Enjoy your magical unicorn gift! 😉

Unicorn Prizes


$50 off an Hour Appointment (or more): $25

May only be applied to my current rate (sorry old friends). Screening still applies for this one, and it must be within reasonable driving distance of my location (unless you wish to fly me out). You may purchase more than one, but only one offer redeemable per appointment.

$100 off a 2-hour Appointment (or more): $50

At my current rate only. Again, this must be within a reasonable distance and screening is required. Only one per appointment.

30 Minute Coffee Date: $150

Unless you are an old fan, I do not offer half hour appointments. Donate and let’s meet in a cozy coffee shop for some socializing!


Handwritten Haiku: $5

I will send you a handwritten haiku, about you or another topic of your choice!

Quick Clip Porn Star: $10

One short video clip up to a minute from my cell phone. No face shots, requests welcome.

30-Minute Coffee Date: $60

Let’s have a chat on Skype or google hangouts (PG-13)!

60-Minute Coffee Date: $100

Let’s have a more extended conversation.

2-Hour Coffee Date: $150

Let’s have a heart-to-heart and contemplate existential questions on Skype or google hangouts!

15-Minute Sexy Phone Chat: $50

People always tell me I have a nice, relaxing, sexy voice. Let’s talk about your biggest fantasies!

30-Minute Sexy Phone Chat: $80

A more extended session.

60 Minute Sexy Phone Chat: $120

Ready for some elaborate dirty talk? Don’t worry if you need to warm-up or cool-down to get comfortable—-we’ve got time!

5 Custom Sexy Pics: $25

I will be your personal model! I will do my best to accommodate requests, but if you require specific attire, you must provide this. Note: I do not show my face in pictures.

Photo Set of 20 Custom Pictures: $50

More for the spank bank! Again, elaborate requests are made on your own dime. No face.

15 Minutes of Sexting: $40

Let’s have some erotic fun through texting, google chat, or kik. Includes up to 5 pictures. No face.

30 Minutes of Sexting: $60

Includes up to 5 pictures (no face), 1 short video clip. Text, google chat, kik.

60 Minutes of Sexting: $80

Includes up to 7 pictures (no face), 2 short video clips. Text, google chat, kik.


Handwritten Haiku: $5

I will send you a handwritten haiku, about you or another topic of your choice!

Erotic Letter: $15

I will send a one-page, handwritten letter to you (requests welcome).