About Me

About Eliza

Unwind with whimsy

Need a little spontaneity in your life? Let me be your manic pixie dream girl–I’ll take you by the hand and show you how to be enamored by the world around you once more. If you are already young at heart even better! Together, we will stop and smell the roses.

Playful, yet put-together

Meeting new friends can be intimidating sometimes. Although I may come in a poised package, my demeanor remains invitingly warm. I love to laugh and can be a goofball. My soothing voice and wry grin will put you at ease. In my day-to-day life, I pursue my higher education and advocate for causes I am passionate about. This, alongside meeting so many interesting people–I assure you we will find something to talk about!

Tailor-made experiences

Every appointment is custom-fit to suit our interests. I have dates for every pallet. Adventurous eater? No problem! Prefer quaint hole-in-the wall establishments over Michelin? Let’s explore! Amateur art critic? I spent a summer working in the galleries of Canyon Road. Appreciation for really OLD music? I was brought up a classically trained singer. Let’s go to the opera!